Traditional martial art is imbued with Vietnamese identity with a lot of flexible and magical skills at high speed which are effective as soon as attacking. Opponents will not anticipate the surprising attack and be passive so they will be taken down within the first second.

"Speed makes maturity

Strength makes confidence"

Nowadays the number of people who have demand for pursuing martial arts to consolidate themselves is very big. The number of martial arts, therefore, has risen. However, because there is no proper and scientific basic theory about martial arts as general standard, the more martial arts there are, the more chaos there is, the real and the fake mix together. People who look for a martial art to learn is like being lost in a jungle; if they should follow a illegitimate martial art, they will not only waste their money, time and effort but also take a lot of harm in themselves. Thus, the goal of this topic is only about suggesting a theoretical scientific basis about martial arts so as to point out what true martial arts are for them to distinguish and pursue training.

What is the ultimate goal of martial arts?

If you want to understand martial arts, there is no way other than find out what their goal is. The ultimate goal of martial arts is to fight, not to train physical health and not even to compete for ranking.

The difference between the goal of fighting and that of competing or training physical health is like day and night, which can be considered as the difference between unreality and reality. If you want to understand it, you must understand well what fighting and competing are.

Fighting is using martial arts to hurt opponents' bodies, suppress and negate them to win. Fighting is about life and death, involving the most substantial and precious thing of every person - life. Martial arts were originated in ancient times, when people had not invented effectively destructive like guns. Then they had to use their own bodies and primitive weapons such as blades, swords or even working tools... to fight. Whoever was the most proficient in using those tools would win the fight. Since then there had been a need of finding out the best methods to use body's parts as well as primitive weapons and systematizing those methods into methodology to have mastery of it. Then martial art was born.

And what is competing? It is using martial arts to decide who comes out on top within restricted regulations called competition rules. When competing the winner does not have to harm the loser's body and it is not necessarily related to life and death (except unexpected accident). From this view, we can see a complete difference between the mentality of a person who takes part in a fight and that of one who enters a competition.

On the other hand, it can be said that it is the pursuit of achievements in competition that contributes to the erosion of martial arts. It is a must to follow competition rules. Moves which are typical or elite yet not inconsistent with the rules cannot be used when competing. Therefore, if any master who just wants his students get high achievements only focuses on teaching moves and methodologies allowed to use in competition and ignores typical and elite moves of the martial art. If this occurs in the long term, it is unavoidable that martial arts are eroded and elite skills are lost. That loss to the world of martial arts is immeasurable.

Furthermore, what is achieved when winning a competition is not a life but reputation (maybe with wealth). Despite their importance, those are not as vital as life, after all. Putting beside the life, fame or wealth is only nonsense. Then it is why the difference between fighting and competing is that between reality and unreality.

Obviously, in the progress of training martial arts to reach mastery, martial artists can compete with each other to examine their progress and get acquainted with conditions of a fight. Besides, practicing martial arts is also a physical activity, so it certainly has the effect on improving health (of course with proper training). To finalize, competing or improving health are just secondary goals. The main and ultimate goal of martial arts is training people to become sophisticated master fighting machines.

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